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Your Self-Image: How To Unleash Your True Potential


Your Self-Image: How To Unleash Your True Potential


“You are not what you think you are, though what you think… you are.”


Positively shifting yourself image

Randomly take any event from your life and analyze it from all angles and perspectives. Ask yourself why did I handle that situation or event so well or inversely if you didn’t handle it too well ask yourself, why did I handle it so badly.

As we methodically and honestly continue through this line of questioning we need to now recognize that improvement in personal achievement in all spheres begins with an improved self image. The quality of your external actions is dependant upon your internal recognition of who you realize yourself to be. When you change your operating beliefs on the inside, your results and actions in your outer world simply won’t stay the same.

“So within… so without “


In acknowledging and expanding our operating beliefs of who we are, we know we can improve our results and performance simply because other people who have gone before you and me have done it , are doing it and more will continue to do it. If they can do it, we too are capable. Now, looking at this more scientifically there is a direct correlation between how well you perform and how deep you tap into your true potential. For years now several waves of scientists have confirmed we are indeed capable of more than we achieve and the average person only uses 8% – 11% of their true potential .

” …If it is to be, it is up to me “

Imagine that, going through life, praying or meditating though only connecting or focusing with 11% of your true full potential. Imagine, going through life and only financially earning 11% of what you are truly capable of earning, imagine going through life and only achieving 11% of the freedom, fulfillment and self actualization that you were placed on his planet to achieve.

” Keeping in mind that the sky is the limit… that it’s always too early to quit, and that… your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”



As you continually acknowledge and expand your self-image you will naturally come to the realization that you can have, do and achieve more of your Creator given potential simply because other people are doing it right now. Other people are making a stubborn decision to be more do more and have more and now so can you… only if you choose to. Be it earning more, be it contributing more to your community, be it having a deeper and deeper connection with a loved one or a higher power, the success you seek exists and only you can breathe life into it. Though you will only progress as far as your beliefs range (your comfort zone).

You can tell your beliefs range because when someone challenges one (a belief) with a statement you react defensively and sometimes angrily. Inversely, your self image has a comfort zone , this is where you usually operate from and when you operate outside of this, a compensatory behaviour occurs to regulate you back to what you are accustomed to, what you are comfortable with… your comfort zone. Nevertheless, your current financial/ work/ spiritual comfort zone has nothing to do with your true potential and only has to do with where you allow your personal comfort zone to start and stop.


In conclusion…


  • Get clarity on who you really are, what you like, what you don’t like, who you would like to be and through this simple process the more likely you are to become the person you would like to be (the unsuccessful are usually fuzzy, have no goal, generalize and aren’t involved with the specifics).
  • Adjust your comfort zone and notice your self image evolve for the better.
  • See and know you are more. Visualise how you want to be and what you want to experience (hold the image).
  • Naturally accept, like and love yourself (affirm and believe in your authentic, unique and positive self-image).


As your self image improves so will you see your results improve and so as your performance improves so does your self image .




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