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Calvin Gaka: Life Hacks “Leaving the limitations of the past behind, One life hack at a time”


“Life Hack : a strategy, principle or technique adopted in order to improve, better manage one’s time, daily activities or life.”

Hey there, I’m Calvin Gaka.

Author of the forthcoming book The 3 Hidden Keys To Your True Identity. I’m focused on helping people have a better and better experience of life as well as helping them close the gap between where they are now and their authentic human potential. To do this I advocate for the techniques, ideas and success principles used by successful people from a various range of backgrounds and disciplines – Thought leaders, entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches, consultants, athletes, celebrities and much more. I then share what I learn through my Blog posts, Books and Facebook Page. I don’t know everything or have all the answers, though its my joy and passion to share what impactful information I have learned so far.

The Mission…

My mission is to instill clarity, illuminate infinite positive possibilities within the areas of Business, Relating and Life Success. Often the principles and techniques that I advocate for are “…the difference between failure and success, stuck and advancing, passionate and wandering.” Hence, ultimately I aim to ecologically progress you to realising you can be, do and have more, whilst leaving the limitations of the past behind, to help you improve the life you are living now, today.

Simply put, within the realms of Business, Relating and Life Success, I am dedicated to :-

  • Giving you clarity on your vision and purpose
  • Empowering you at strengthening your commitments to your vision
  • Revealing the prevalent interpretations, beliefs and influences that support the core aspects of the life remaining unfulfilled

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I am privileged, honored and grateful to share a range of inspirational and transformational information with you and a wide variety and quantity of people. For example last time I checked I have 435 271 people following me on Facebook.

My readership is inclusive of men and women, students, coaches, lectures, entrepreneurs, leaders, accountants, lawyers, clerks, kitchen hands, construction workers and  people from all walks of life. All of whom aspire to create a better experience of life and improve their performance and happiness.

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