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What do you want ?


” Dear past thank you for all the lessons, Dear future I’m now ready “

Happy New year !

As we kick off the year we honestly need to ask ours what do we want for ourselves ? Especially now at the beginning of 2016 and we have a fresh and pristine canvas to artistically create not just a good year but a year in which we more than step closer to that which we actually want, that which will leaves us deeply satisfied and congruently fulfilled.

So what do you want, what do you really, actually want ?

Perhaps as you continuously ponder what you want for yourself, you may find yourself, short-changing yourself, for a smaller, more “manageable” more “realistic” goal, and that’s okay. This maybe for wide variety of reasons ranging from shame, shame of if you do attain your goal it may alienate family or friends, or the reason could be certain beliefs you currently hold don’t align with you achieving this success. Whatever the case maybe, perhaps inspite of the shame or limiting beliefs, perhaps it’s now time you embraced a vision and a version of yourself who is living and breathing your dreams, perhaps now is the time you accepted a vision and a version of yourself who releases the last vestige of the old idea that you are doing all you can do and that you can’t possibly do anymore, perhaps it’s time you claimed more territory outside your comfort zone by committing to your goal and PLAYING. FULL. OUT.

Whilst you are playing full-out, you may as well play BIG.


 Think big, though this may seem like a cliché it consistently delivers as it serves you to think big because as it guides you to disassociate with the lack and limitations of safe goals and easily attainable targets, it also now draws out and draws out and taps into your unused and unknown potential. The world needs more people to contribute big, to play big, and to think big, thinking small only contributes more limited thinking, for through your thoughts you construct and destruct life. So hold the vision and hold the faith.

“If you give up at the first sign of struggle you’re really not ready to be successful”
~ K.Hart

The journey to your goal may have challenges of varying difficulty, some will be easy to deal with and some will have you questioning whether you can still achieve the success you want, though realize any challenge(s) you encounter are on the way to your goal, and are not in the way stopping you from achieving your goal. For the only sure way you can fail is only if you give up.


Create a better life, create a better self-image. In your minds eye, do you see yourself failing or succeeding or not at all ? Control your thoughts, as like some who just let their thoughts happen, they fall victim to the limited commercial thinking in popular culture. Assume your power, claim your power, control your power… control your mind. Be mindful of the thoughts that you think, be mindful knowing that the quality of the thoughts that you choose to think heavily determine your failing fuzzy results or your deeply satisfying success.


So this year what is your hearts desire ? And what quality of thoughts and habits are you willing to dedicate to realize what you really want; Is it more sales you want ? More money ? A deeper and deeper spiritual connection ? A better relationship ? A new relationship ? A house ? A car ? Or a bigger house and a bigger car ? Create a legacy ?

Whatever you choose to set your mind to;

Think Big, Step up and Play Full-Out.


– CG

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