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A Popular Short Thought: How To Get To The Top / I Can Do This


A Popular Short Thought: How To Get To The Top / I Can Do This


When we change our mindset, it changes how we live life… our lifestyle.

When we start climbing a mountain, we are excited to climb it all the way to the top.

Once we hit a certain level in our journey and we get a little exhausted. That type of exhaustion, that makes you pant and breathe a little heavier, a little deeper. That type of exhaustion that sends streams of sweat down your forehead and accumulates at your brow. As you feel that exhaustion compound and mount with the increased difficulty in each step, we can easily get distracted by our thoughts.

Things pop up in your mind and train of thought like…

” …why do I do this ?”

” …this is stupid !”

“… I could be somewhere else doing something else”


talk to yourself, I can do this

“I can do this”


We easily forget about the intention, the spirit, the frame of mind and the posture of our heart we had, when we initially set out in the beginning.

We forget the vision, optimism, power and passion-filled thoughts we had. We forget to tell ourselves what we need to hear. To plant and nurture the seeds of inspiration…

” I Can Do This “

” It may seem difficult, yet I am bigger and better than any obstacle “

” I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing “


How we talk to ourselves makes a huge impact, makes a huge difference on the results we ultimately harvest.

In conclusion: What if life is like a mountain walk… How would you talk to yourself each step of the way, until you got to where you wanted to be… the top ! 

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