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Leadership: How To Be A Better Leader By Getting Out of Your Own Way

Leadership: Leader Vs Boss


LEADERSHIP: How To Be A Better Leader By Getting Out of Your Own Way


‘When the best leaders work is done the people say, ‘we did it ourselves – Lao Tzu    


This is a call to action to those who currently recognise themselves as leaders, acknowledging their commitment and courage. This is also a call to action for those who may presently not identify as a leader, though may soon if not now, recognise themselves as leaders, acknowledging their imminent bravery and open-mind. “We are our toughest opponent…” though if we allow ourselves to naturally exude our innate greatness… Anything is possible.

Leadership functions both as a practical skill and a research area focused around the multifaceted ability of an individual person or organisation to guide or “lead” other individual people, organisations or teams. In addition, leaders help themselves and others to effectively do the right things, setting direction, building an inspiring vision, and creating something new that would have never come to be if they had not lead.


Keep Calm and Follow the Leader

Leadership: Keep Calm


Furthermore, leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to “win” / succeed as a team or an organisation; and this dynamic navigation in itself is nothing short of genius and inspiring.
Though that said, as leaders set the tone and direction of operations, they must simultaneously use management skills to guide their people to the “right” destination, in the smoothest and most efficient way.

Keeping in mind all of the above…


“Be The Leader You Would Follow”

Perhaps now you are willing to accept within you lies the more effective leader…


I am A Leader

Leadership: I am A Leader

The more effective leader who naturally – Creates an inspiring vision of the future – a compelling future; able to capture and hold your attention and that of others, causing you to feel that you must do something.

The more effective leader who naturally – Motivates and inspires people to engage with your vision.

The more effective leader who embraces discomfort now… Grows through it and steps out of the familiar and steps through the perceived boundaries of what the general populous accepts as possible.

As leaders, deeper below the surface we must build our emotional muscle, this is necessary and smilar to the way you would build your physical muscle – by repetitively and consistently lifting more than we think we can, embracing discomfort now, so we can break through our limitations and get out of our own way. To get out of our own way, we perhaps may need to surrender, stop resisting our brilliance and allow ourselves to expand our threshold of our self concept, thus fostering our growth in confidence and ability.

Leadership: Leading from the Heart


Follow the Leader

Leadership: Follow the leader


“He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap. Let your beliefs determine your actions and not your present circumstances.”


We often don’t see what’s in front of us,
and these words are for everyone, regardless of where the leader in us resides; whether close to the surface or really deep deep down within the many parts of us.

People don’t think of what they don’t think of… And within this puzzle the possibility of a unique, compelling, inspiring future is missed and not realised – Leaders see a possibility that often the multitudes do not see. Though this may require us to be more aligned with our intuition, to see and feel what vision feels right and the matching actions that go with and knowing what uninspired actions do not support your vision.

Leadership qualities

Leader: Leadership Qualities


If you can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.. It just means we are not trained to see, feel or know it for the greatness that it is that lies inside of us.

There are things we overlook, that we don’t notice, have a quick look at Julia Galef’s TED Talk Why you think you’re right — even if you’re wrong as it discusses some of the conceptual and perceptual challenges we may face as we overlook things from time to time.

Nevertheless, we must be open to seeing good things in the midst of challenge and hardship. Let your beliefs and goals define you as opposed to the seemly big, the seemingly small and the seemingly annoying occurrences and situations of everyday life.

“Good is the enemy of great”


As good is the enemy of great, allow yourself to be the great leader in touch with your audience, and simultaneously aligned with your mind, your heart and your intuition. Ultimately resulting in you getting out of your own way. Lead from your heart as much as you lead from your head. As your intuition, your fine tuning and sensitivity to your intuition. Will play significant part in defining you as an outstanding leader,like many great leaders before you.


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