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Building You, Building Success: The Failure to Success Transformation

Building You, Building Success: The Failure to Success Transformation



” … the thinking that has brought us here, has created some problems this level of thinking can not solve …’ – Albert Einstein

Greetings and salutations,

I hope this message finds you well and if not that’s okay because what you are currently experiencing shall pass and you shall attain the success you seek, and quite possibly sooner than you now realise. I have been studying success since 2011, as before that (shortly after graduating with my degree in Commerce) I got curious about why one business was a multi-million dollar business and another was seemingly nothing more than a mere corner store struggling to stay open. Why one person was a continually successful and progressive keynote speaker and/or serial successful entrepreneur or broker or consultant. My curiosity lead me to being a passionate and comprehensive student of success principles, as well as awareness of what works and what doesn’t work. Furthermore, I diligently studied the behavioural traits and mainly the success mindset of the top 7% of achievers in any field, coupled with  the very science of getting “unstuck” with relatively little to no struggle (as compared with the average human experience when ” trying to change “), all of which I cover in my forthcoming book series ” The Success Anatomist “.

Polar Bear Balancing Success

Balancing Success

The very purpose of this blog is to give back, as well as connect with past, present and future clients I have, do and will work with. Furthermore, if I can  potentially, consistently and continually add something positively life changing to anyone anywhere, I am about the persuasion and business of doing that.

cacoon Success

Successful Transformation

To the best of my continually evolving ability I am will be writing about everyday success principles that assist in forming a winning mindset, a mindset forged of principles that if applied make all the difference, principles naturally used by the worlds top 7% of achievers. In these principles lies the DIFFERENCE; the difference between feeling stuck and steadily realizing a worthy pursuit, the difference between a successful business and a surviving business , the very difference between those that have and those that don’t have, the difference between sadness (depression) and happiness and fulfillment.

As I go along and post anecdotes and principles I would love to hear from you whether you agree or even disagree with me either via the comments or message form, and if you feel the post resonates with you now feel free to share it with everyone and anyone who could potentially benefit.

…the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step…’ –  Anon

Yours sincerely,

Calvin Gaka

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