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The Truth You Need To Know Now… Before Its Too Late

Someone needs you

The Truth You need To Know Now… Before its too late

Someone needs you…


Someone needs you to play at a higher level.

Someone needs you to be bolder, braver, hungry and more focused.

Someone needs you to think outside of the box, to go beyond your self perceived boundaries and play full out in the unknown.

” Do or do not… there is no try “


Someone needs you to now possibly do what is out of what is ” normal ” for you or what is ” normal ” from the crowd and act inspiredly, instinctively and perhaps create something that would not NEVER ! never, ever exist without you because only your un-replicable uniqueness, merged with your specific mind, your specific heart and your specific spirit, synergised with your background, your education and life experiences could and now can create something we have never seen or existed without you.

Though sometimes our role maybe to extend and expand something that already exists possibly taking it into a new direction or simply colossally increasing it’s current scale, capacity and impact.

Sometimes someone, that someone who needs you is really more than one person and maybe an entire nation, industry, market or the world that need you to play at the next level to advance us, to better us, sometimes that someone is just one person though they themselves may impact, influence and inspire the masses.

Maybe It's never too late to help

Someone needs you to step up

Someone needs you to get a larger vision of yourself, doing more, being more, having more because life is growth and now you must grow surpassing your current level, your current thoughts, your current consciousness.

Someone needs you to realize sometimes you can’t do things by yourself.

Someone needs you to operate from a place or perspective from which you unwaveringly take the stance of forsaking taking offense, forsaking taking things personal and stubbornly fleeing from blame and complain mentality.

” …you go to war with the army you have “


Someone needs you to be ready now, prepare now, take action now no matter how small.

Someone needs you to be the best version of yourself and update appropriately and frequently

Someone needs you to NOW wake up the sleeping giant within, as opposed to waiting for the “perfect time” , as opposed to waiting “for the stars to align” as opposed to letting the shock of someone passing away prompt you to action. Plan now, act now because even the small things / small actions consistently add up to and make up the big changes, the big shifts.

Sometimes we don’t show our full potential due to being in our comfort zone. Someone needs you to show your full potential, step out of your comfort zone, irregardless of what’s going on, because at any and every moment you are much bigger than the set of circumstances you find yourself in…

It's not too late

Act boldly in faith, and act now

Simply put…
Step up ! Somebody needs you, step up for them… step up for YOURSELF !

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