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Money (What The Successful Do & What U Must Know B4 U Earn Another Dollar)


Money (What The Successful Do & What You Must Know Before You Earn Another Dollar)

People have always been concerned about money since money was first created in Asia around 1400 B.C. Over the years money has been likened to good health. In the sense that we are concerned about it to the extent that we don’t have it. The purpose of this post is to cover the basics. Inform and remind us of the role and place of money (at least in a fundamental sense). In doing this I am naturally going to cover things that you know. Maybe even somethings that you may have forgotten. Though it is important for us to remember what money is and how much is enough. As well as broaden our concept of how to earn the amount of money you want to earn now and hopefully in the not too distant future.

“… lets throw out the window the old traditional opinion and idea “

First things first now. Lets throw out the window the old traditional opinion and idea that money is bad, or unimportant. Money is just as important as the food, roof over your head, clothes, education, doctors appointments and insurance it pays for. Naturally money is important to anyone who lives in our modern society. Conversely those who may argue and advocate it is not important as other things are indeed entitled to their unbalanced and illogical opinion. Nothing will take the place of money in the area in which it works.

Money is the harvest of our production, what we receive for our production as individuals. You will hear some people say money wont bring happiness, though the investing, earning and possession of money has brought about more happiness than poverty. Money equates to a warm home during the cold seasons and happy children riding bicycles. Birthday presents and university education. A much needed holiday after a long turbulent year. Especially a means to help the elderly and those less fortunate. We are not trying to communicate or persuade you that piling up a lot of wealth is important. though money is important. Money s the only reward that’s completely negotiable and can be used by everyone.

A diamond is more important than a lump of coal, yet that exactly is what a diamond was at one stage . Just as a lump of coal can be transformed into one of the world’s most valuable gems. A human being can vastly in crease his or her own value to the world.

“Replacing a person is not difficult”

A highly-skilled human being, is worth more in our economy than a not highly-skilled human being and can be easily replaced. This is not to say any one person is better than the other person. Nor are they more important (we are only addressing the subject of money and the economic factors that surround it, nothing else).

A janitor is just as important as important a human being as a brain surgeon. Though the amount of money they earn will be in proportion to the demand for what they do. Their ability to do what they do and the difficulty of replacing them.

The average person can be trained to clean and maintain a building  in a few weeks. Replacing the person is not difficult.  A brain surgeon on the other hand spent many years studying and training in his or her profession often at great personal  sacrifice  and at extremely high cost and cannot be easily replaced. As a result the surgeon might earn as much money in an hour as a janitor or maid might earn in a year. These are extreme examples to demonstrate the relation of the income to demand, skill and supply relationship.

“… there are few limitations on a person …”

This is as it should be, this is why there are few limitations on a person in his or her company, industry or career. The income will be in exact proportions to the demand of what they do, the ability to do what they do and the difficulty of replacing  them. Hence, why the idea of trying to get something for nothing is indeed unreasonable and won’t work. A top jockey will earn a great deal of money every year which may represent 10 % of the winnings of the horses he rides. You may say there is no good purpose for riding a horse. Though the demand is there, useful or not. The same with lead actors in blockbusters movies. Their income very accurately reflects the demand for what he or she does.

“…the unqualified appear awkward and out of place”

This is why preparation for life is so important. Luck has been defined as when preparedness meets opportunity. A great opportunity will only make the unprepared and the unqualified appear awkward and out of place. For everyone of us opportunities are all around us, our ability to see them will depend a large part on how we have prepared ourselves. It may sound rudimentary though a lot of people would love more money. However, they don’t want to take the time and trouble to qualify for it. Until they qualify there is no way they can earn it. Similar to the person who wants a better figure though doesn’t want to change/ modify their daily lifestyle to eat healthier as well as (better eating habits) implementing a genuinely decent exercise program.

How much do you want ?

How much money do you want ? Furthermore, how much do you need ? To live the way you want to live , to achieve the goals you’ve established for yourself. Most people think they want more money and then they really do, and then settle for a lot less. Compared to what they could have gotten if they went about it the right way. We do not receive what we idlely wish for, we receive what we rightly earn. (We get out of life who we are). Our rewards will always be in proportion to our service.

“If you don’t like your income”

If you don’t like your income, you must devise ways of providing more service. You service must come from you , your mind, your abilities, your energy. A strong person cannot make weak person strong. Though a weak person can become strong on his or her own by following a specific course of action for a sufficient length of time. A person who is already strong can become a lot stronger.

Similar with money, people who don’t want to do more than they are being paid for will rarely be paid for more. For what they are currently doing. You may have heard. “Why should I knock myself out for what I am getting” It is this attitude that keeps people at the bottom  of the economic pile. They don’t realise only when we grow in value as persons will we receive the income we seek. If we try stand still in our work or personal growth (and millions do). We will never know the rewards nor the joy of accomplishment, personal satisfaction and peace of mind which come only to the person of unusual achievement.

We must take two distinct steps…

1) We must decide how much money we want, the exact amount.

2) Forget about the money. Now focus on what you now. Focus on it until you are fit and have grown to the

    size to earn the money you now seek.

Once fully qualified to earn the money that we decide to earn , we will soon find ourselves earning it. We may also find out with our new skills and abilities it is not much more difficult perhaps even less difficult than what we are now doing for the money we are now earning.

Ask yourself…

How much money am I perfectly willing to earn. Realising that the amount that you earn will be in direct proportion to your skills, the demand for what you do and the difficulty of replacing you.

3 Amounts People Should Decide…

  1. Your Yearly Income
  2. Saving or Investment Account Amount
  3. Retirement Income (Wether you decide to retire from active work or not)

People make a grave mistake here. They never decide on any of these amounts of money. By doing so and journaling it somewhere you place yourself  in the top 7% decide on the money they will earn and grow accordingly into the incomes they seek. They take their lives into their own hands as they should and will more likely achieve their goals. You can do the same starting now. There are two kinds of people where money is concerned.

  1. Majority – Cut back on their wants to fit their incomes.
  2. Minority – Free spirits who make their income fit their wants.

Which is the best for you ? Only you can decide for you.

” The road to wealth is to grow our means whilst diminishing our wants” – Ben franklin

According to the financial advisors at Sambla the quickest way to wealth is to do both. When you write down the yearly income you want to earn, you know whether it is above or below average (hopefully its above). Now ask yourself who in your line of work is earning  that kind of money. If you follow the trail (success leaves a trail, clues) this is exactly how  men and women move from  the ranks and into the top authority with  corresponding incomes. I may not know your line of business though regardless of your industry, it needs new leaders. Men and woman to come up in the years ahead. Everything is expanding and getting larger. With the increase in size and scope the most desperate need is for the dedicated able person who can learn to lead. To lead others and lead the industry. Some of the top executives today were once accountants, clerks, struggling salesmen, attendants, mechanics. You cannot think of a position from which people have climbed to the top.

“Its not the job, its the person, its not your present circumstances which count. Though its the circumstances you make up your mind to achieve that are important ” – E. Nightingale

The only limit on your income is you and your willingness to grow and accept to get to where you want and dream of. You need to abandon the comfort or certainty (predictable nature) of the current existence you know. The income you choose can be achieved within the present framework of your industry or profession where you already have a start and a place. If not there, then there is still alot of opportunity.

All you need is the plan, the roadmap, the courage to start toward your destination. Knowing in advance they maybe problems and setbacks. Though also keeping in mind that nothing can stand in the way of a plan. A plan backed by persistence (continuing to exist despite interference or treatment), determination (firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end) and patience (the capacity, habit, or fact of bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint).

“…having hunches and great ideas…”

Spend time daily thinking and meditating as to how you can increase your service. Knowing only this and the income you have set for yourself will take care of itself. since the income you set is currently more than you are receiving you only have to increase your service and bridge  the gap and beyond bridged. By deciding on your 3 amounts you are demonstrating faith. You will find you are getting fortunate. What others may call lucky, having hunches and great ideas. You take far more interest in things about your work and your company. Intuitively, you will see opportunities in your work and your company.

You will suddenly find you are getting fortunate (what others call lucky), having good hunches and ideas. All of a sudden, you will take far more interest in things about your work and your company. You will see opportunities in your work and environment that you  have never noticed before. Soon you will discover  you are no longer the same person, you focus more on you  and creating  more value. By your example you will inspire others to do their job better.

“…the quiet firm inner knowledge…”

Have faith in yourself and the quiet firm inner knowledge that you will succeed. Know the answers you seek will come to you in their own time, if you only keep looking for them. Above all realise money cannot  be sought directly. Money like happiness is an effect, the result of a cause, the cause is a valuable service. Keep money in its place, its here to serve you and make life more comfortable. A tool for which we use to live better, see more of the world , give children and adults education, means to a happy carefree retirement. Necessary to modern life. Though only need so much to live comfortable, securely and well. Too much emphasis reverses the entire picture, you then become the servant and money the master.

” Its good to have money and the things money can buy. Though its good every now and then to check and see if you still have the things that money cant buy.

Every person should know happiness, love and prosperity in their homes and lives and it should be yours. Fix your plan firmly in your mind and relax, keep cool, calm and serene. Presently you may have no idea how the income you want is going to come to you. Or save the amount you want in your saving/ investment or retirement account. This may sound counter intuitive though this is not important. The important thing is that you know what you want. If you do you will become, you must become what you think about.

“… to bring you closer to your larger ultimate goal…”

Start small as you plan or think big. Hence, be patient, persistent and in a subtle sense realistic about your goals and as you achieve and realise them increase your scale to bring you closer to your larger ultimate goal. Trying to jump too far too soon can result in confusion, frustration, demoralisation and worry. Take calculated planned steps knowing the importance…  that you know what you want… A person maybe worth more than he or she is getting, though the two will match up. They have to. Unless a person is worth more than what he/she is receiving, they cant move ahead. They are receiving all they are worth. You can have what you want all you need to do is specifically choose and step into and stand steadfast in your truth.


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