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The 5 MUST HAVE Strategies To Profit from Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

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The 5 MUST HAVE Strategies To Profit from Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


 Is Bitcoin a Bubble?…

Often this question is put forward on online forums, between investors and most importantly in your mind.


“Isn’t that whole bitcoin thing JUST A BUBBLE that’s going to burst?”

‘Maybe, maybe not…’

Nobody actually knows right now. If anybody tells you that they know… sprint far far away from that individual, because they are lying.

Though back to the question at hand (Is Bitcoin a bubble ?). Underlying this question on peoples minds is “How do you enter emerging uncertain markets without getting burned?

Now this is where the value lies !


‘ …Each extra dollar you have is an extra unit of choice, the more money you have the more choices you have’

– RC Peck



So… how would someone enter emerging and uncertain markets without turning your money into a mountain of worthless toilet paper ? See the five strategies below…

(As with all investment, please seek the advice of a qualified investment professional as their is no substitute for that. The below is by no means qualified advice though rather a possible proposal of how someone could enter emerging and uncertain markets such as Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.)

1) Diversify within asset classes.


Buy different cryptocurrencies ! Don’t just buy bitcoin. Diversify and buy a range of different cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, mining contracts and try out some different platforms.

An asset class is a group of investments that exhibit similar characteristics, behaves similarly in the marketplace. i.e. Bitcoin, alt coins and tokens


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2) Strategize, test and track your methods.


Stop waiting for a “tip”, and if you get a tip run it through multiple different scenarios to see what might happen. check the charts for Bitcoin, check the charts for bitcoin cash, find a winning formula.

Develop a passion for learning, if you do, you will never cease to grow

– A DeAngelo


3) Get excited about learning (Not Investing).


If you want to really grow your portfolio then leave emotions at the door when investing. But you will find the greatest investors are ferociously curious about learning loads and loads about the market, the drivers, the dynamics and deciding factors.

4) Diversify asset classes, cryptocurrencies are game-changing but they’re not EVERYTHING yet.


Get some cryptocurrencies, some bitcoin, some property, some cash savings, some shares, some business revenues, managed funds and some precious metals. DIVERSIFY. It gives you a cushion and protects you to an extent from markets not going as you hoped.




It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped

– A Robbins


5) You have TWO types of investments


Capital gains and cash flow. Play both games to your advantage. Don’t be addicted to just one style of crypto investing. Don’t just invest in cryptocurrency and have a holding strategy. Find a means of investment that generates cryptocurrency for you.


In summary, position yourself to win as Rossco Paddison  once said ‘ … If you play your cards right … you will be hedged. Happy hedging! ‘ If one hedges themselves well enough it will be to your advantage and the issue of the cryptocurrency market being a bubble if it is wont matter.

The above are based strategies are based off the genius and enigmatic Rossco Paddison. Successful serial entrepreneur, loving father and Cryptocurrency Geek. You can check out one of his sites here


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