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Making Better Decisions: The Simple Art and Strategy of Getting What You Want Out Of Life

Strategic decisions

 Making Better Decisions:

The Simple Art and Strategy of Getting What You Want Out of Life


You are one decision away from making better decisions. A decision away from a totally different relationship, totally different job, totally different income, a totally different life.

The quality of your life comes down to the decisions you make.  A lot of people at some point perhaps wonder on how to make good decisions. Though the truth of the matter is whether a decision is good or not is solely dependent upon perspective. This means that depending on how a decision is viewed can the merits of a decision be revealed. Rarely does each situation or circumstance call for the same rationale to deem it a good decision.


Decisions in life

Decisions and intuition

Realise you have the option to go from auto-pilot to decision maker. – Mel Robbins


The most functional and helpful (in our opinion) definition of making a decision or decision-making can be found on It is outlined below:

Decision making is the thought process of selecting a logical choice from the available options. When trying to make a good decision, a person must weight the positives and negatives of each option. In addition, they must consider all the alternatives, their reprocusions and reverberations. In making effective decisions, a person must forecast the outcome of each option too. Based on all these standard criterion, determine which option is the best and most beneficial for that particular situation. – Business Dictionary 


Where do you hold or withhold from your truth ? What are you afraid of that stops you from having what you want ? What stops you from being the person you want to be ?

When was the last time you were self-aware ? Had an honest confession ? An honest moment. That you actually admitted, confessed your honest hearts desires that you truly want to see happen for yourself. If you are going to make a decision by all means make sure it comes from a heart centered awareness, and considers what you want and need.


Over the years several models and strategies on how to make a good decision have been researched and reviewed. Below are a few I believe are simple and can have a profound effect on your decisions. Hence, ultimately your life.

Here are some tried and tested tips/ strategies on how to make a good decision:


– A) Pretending we are advising a friend (this removes pure short term emotions. Further gives us a  better perspective and vantage point of the bigger picture). – New York Times 

– B) Limiting the information you take in. This can also lead to paralysis through analysis. When we over analyse things (after a certain amount of information, you are taking in too much information. Your brain automatically starts to over weigh even on irrelevant facts hence clouding you decision). – Psychology Today

– C) Reversing your assumptions (This gives you a new strategic perspective to view your situation from). – Psychology Today

“Don’t make permanent decisions, based upon temporary feelings”


We deny, disclaim and disregard our own voice (internally we have a sense/a guide).

Have you been making choices from a position of control? Or making choices out of desperation, shame, fear, despair and submission.

Somewhere along the line have you inadvertently made a commitment or a subscription to depression, shame, anger, indecision, second guessing yourself and what is possible for you.

The Fear of Failure: limits you, failure to the successful is an opportunity to learn and start again more intelligently.

A Fear of Rejection: be okay with rejection, if you succeed some people may reject you, if you fail some people may reject you.

Fear of loss: if you only play not to lose, what chance of winning do you have ?

When most people advise you. They advise you on making a decision from the perspective of, if they were you… The truth is they aren’t you.


“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end.” – Robin Sharma



Decisions and intuition Are power

Intuitive Decisions Are Powerful

Only you are you and deep down you know what you don’t want, though more importantly only you know what you want, your desires, your passions and your dreams.

Am I advocating that you should ignore nor seek other people and their possibly invaluable and intelligent insight… No. What I am saying though is that no one knows you like you and the lengths you are willing to go through to see your plans come true.

Making Better Decisions: Ask yourself 3 Questions…


When you have to make decisions, seemly easy, seemingly difficult decisions. Either way try the following…


Ask yourself these 3 questions…

– What is the best that could happen ?

– Then, What is  the worst that could happen ?

– Lastly, What is most likely to happen ?


In Conclusion, The Insight Here Is:

If the most likely thing to happen gets you closer to your goals, and you can live with the worst happening if it does… then GO FOR IT.

If the most likely thing to happen is not going to get you closer to your goals, and/or you are not willing to live with the worst thing happening … then DON’T expend your energy, do not waste your time.


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The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class


Decisions and intuition

Decisions And Growth, Give your life Color

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