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Success Principle: How To Choose Your Tribe (Who You Hang and Network With)

Tribes need this

Success Principles: How To Choose Your Tribe (Who You Hang and Network With)


As social media continues to grow in form and content, you may have heard the word/term “Tribe” being used. Not to mention hashtag variations such as #MyTribe #FindYourTribe may or may not have caught your attention on social media. Often tribe relates to building community it can be offline and online though it’s especially building community online.


“Don’t wait for everything to be perfect, before you decide to enjoy your life”


A tribe is a very important dynamic to have as;

– a person seeking to grow,

– a professional seeking to develop deeper

– or an entrepreneur seeking to operate at the top of their game.

Once you have a tribe or if you already have a tribe here are three tips to building it…


Choose the tribe

You Have Freedom To Choose

THREE quick tips to building your Tribe:

Know the value you bring to a relationship

– Be Genuine

– Give as if you don’t expect anything in return

As prescribed by Nancy Laws .


In continuation, If you think about who to befriend based on what you think you could get from them. Or rather befriending someone because of the great connection they have to company X or person Y. If you are thinking that way and choosing on that basis. There’s always going to be a part of you that is not fed. Also consider you may end up disappointed by all the “tools” you have surrounded yourself with.

Pick who you want to be around, your tribe who you hang around, based on your values. Though even that can be hard to determine and is actually complex in nature.

“You are in charge of how you react, to the people and events in your life. you can either give negativity power over your life… or you can choose Happiness instead.” – Anais


Choosing your tribe as well the people you keep around you…

For a moment, if you imagine that everybody has a basic expectation for what they think the future is probably going to be like.

Some people are really deliberate about this they have envisaged it, they have formed it, they have crafted it. On the other side they are some people who are not as deliberate. However, everybody has an expectation of what they think is going to happen, what they think this life is going to be like. This expectation projects forward five or even ten years down the road or maybe even more according to Bryan Franklin. Bryan calls this vision for the future.

Vision for the future: (literally means) what you think is going to happen.

Ideally Franklin emphasizes you would choose who you hang out with. Who you surround yourself with, who you invest in with your time. Based on which people that you know have a vision of the future, an expectation of what’s likely to happen that you would most likely like to live in. In addition, if you want to live in a future that they think is going to happen then, when you hang out together contribute to each other. Pour into each other and support each other. For this is the future you will live in because of your shared consciousness (that is the reality you are creating together). In addition, very few things will be as powerful, as the synergy and intention, coupled with execution in the present moment with the backing of a tribe.


Vibe with your tribeVibe with your tribe


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