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If You Are Struck Or Struggling: The Sage Solution

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If You Are Struck Or Struggling: The Sage Solution


If you’re challenged or stuck in any area of your life or business then this perspective might help and give you the solution…

You may be stuck in so many different ways or things in life and sometimes in some cases we may not be having the experience of life we want. Stemming from this, we may become frustrated (or maybe fixated) making us question are we good enough ? What’s wrong with me ?

“How is this present situation that I have entered into, how is it useful to me.”

A key principle we may not often apply and do is… now really sit and reflect… and earnestly ask ourselves “How is this present situation that I have entered into, how is it useful to me.”

Sometimes some situations maybe so challenging that there maybe no good nor constructive answer – Irregardless if you are struggling financially/ health wise / or with a relationship(s).

“…every step we have taken has led to the next step in our journey.”

NEVERTHELESS, if we look at our lives, every step we have taken has led to the next step in our journey. Looking at our journey from the perspective that we have reached here as a series of steps we have taken that have brought us here.

So in a sense your present situation is a SOLUTION to some previous problem.

Manoeuvre obstacles

That said it’s just that your present situation has made your previous solution outdated, it’s lost its utility to you, it’s lost its usefulness to you (it no longer serves you).

Now NOTICE what was the original problem you were presented with ? …maybe unconsciously you decided this was the only / best possible solution you had to take to be able to make it.

“…reflect and realize…”

When we look at that, we automatically open the door to what is the next level of solution that you may need to reach out for.

For brief moment I ask you to now reflect and realize, when we are walking and taking the second step naturally the first foot has already started moving from its previous location and we are moving already into the second and the third step…

Be free

Making Course Corrections


Recently I myself was confronted with a situation that made me question, “How did I get here ?”

“….just that now it’s no longer serving me and I need to move on, onward and upward.”

Though when I now “start appreciating all the steps that I have taken, there are quite a few deeper solutions and deeper aspects of my consciousness that come alive that become clear.”

I have have reached here, where I am today because of a challenge I was facing awhile ago (back then), and at that time, at that stage like many, if not like all of us I made the best decision that was available to me (as we all make the best decision or believe we make the best decision we can in any given situation) this was the better solution to those challenges… just that now it’s no longer serving me and I need to move on, onward and upward.

Course corrections

Just as a pilot of an airplane takes off toward a specific destination with no guarantee of success, so must you. As you journey towards your desired health, happiness, great life and prosperity, be prepared to make continual course corrections. For when the storm fronts, headwinds and unexpected turbulence show up as you steadily progress to your worthwhile goal, you will / must adjust and adapt accordingly.

In conclusion, what you are currently experiencing was a good solution or good direction to what you were experiencing before be it actual challenges and or struggles and now that good solution or direction has simply become an outdated solution and needs an upgrade.

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